Lazarevskoye is a popular seaside resort

The Lazarevskoye Lazarevskoye sea resort (or Lazarevka) is one of the popular Black Sea resorts of the Krasnodar Territory, which is part of Greater Sochi. The resort village is located near Sochi itself, halfway to Tuapse. A highway and a railway track pass through Lazarevskoye.

Lazarevskoye: advantages of the resort

People tend to go to the sea here: the season in Lazorevsky lasts from May to the end of October. The velvet season is especially pleasant here from mid-September. The mild climate here is preserved due to the north-easterly wind blowing from the mountains. It reduces precipitation, making winter milder and summer warmer.

The beaches in Lazarevskoye are pebbly, so the water in the sea is always clean. The beaches are well equipped: changing rooms, showers, equipment rental and other services. You can verify this yourself by turning on Lazarevsky’s webcams in real time.

The length of the beaches in the village itself is 7 kilometers. And if you take a larger one (the entire Lazarevsky resort area), then the length of the beaches will exceed 100 kilometers – from Mamaika to Shepsi. This zone includes dozens of resorts, including Loo, Dagomys, Magri, Vishnevka and others.

In addition to the sea, there are many other entertainments at the resort:

water parks (“Nautilus” and “Starfish”);
ethnographic and other museums.
There is also an interesting fountain in the village, made in the form of an invisible tube – the illusion is created that water flows out of the air. In addition to the village itself, it is worth paying attention to the surroundings, because here numerous spurs of the Greater Caucasus – a majestic mountain system – descend to the sea. From here you can go hiking to the nearest peaks to diversify your vacation at sea with something more interesting and energy-consuming. You can also look at the wide mountain rivers flowing into the Black Sea around Lazarevskoye.

We advise you to go to the Black Sea resort to walk along the embankment, go to the beach, and evaluate your stay in local hotels. Fortunately, there is a lot to choose from – there are hundreds of hotels, sanatoriums and hotels in Lazarevskoye. Signs are waiting for you at every step, and the entire first line along the sea is solid hotels and holiday homes. The only thing is that it is worth booking seats in them in advance, so try to do it in advance so as not to stay with your nose and not look at the sea through Lazarevsky’s numerous webcams.