The composition of the tourism system

Tourism currently represents a whole system that includes a variety of elements. These include: a tourist product, i.e. a set of tourist services and tours (or routes that meet the basic needs of people; a subject of tourism – citizens of Russia and foreign countries, public, state and private enterprises and organizations of tourism and travel; a participant of tourism – i.e. a citizen using products and services created by the tourism system; object – the entire sphere of tourism-related services (food, accommodation, transport, cultural institutions, natural, cultural–historical, sports, wellness and other facilities); organizer – a legal entity or individual […]


The tourist product finally turned into an economic category only in the conditions of mass tourism.

The intensity of tourism is an indicator that gives an idea of what part of the country’s population (as a percentage) makes at least one trip annually. When the intensity of tourism is above 50%, we can say that tourism in this country has a massive character. The tourist balance of a country is the ratio between the cost of goods and services sold to foreigners in a given country and the cost of goods and services sold to citizens of a given country abroad. If the tourism balance is positive, then they say that tourism is active for the […]