Tourism classifications

Depending on the criterion by which the trip is evaluated, many classifications can be distinguished.

Recreational tourism

medical tourism

health tourism

educational (excursion) tourism

sports tourism

extreme tourism

for the purpose of travel

by landscape and geographical features

by mode of travel: active, transport tourism.

Business tourism

Other classifications

according to the method of equipment

, according to the organizational form

, according to age and social characteristics

, according to activity during vacation

, according to other characteristics.

Tourism functions

Tourism as a multidimensional phenomenon performs a large number of functions that can be divided into several large groups.

Social and humanitarian functions:

  • cognitive and educational function – acquisition and replenishment of knowledge, acquaintance with nature, history, culture of both your region and country, and other countries and peoples;
  • educational function, i.e. the formation of moral, moral and aesthetic qualities, instilling love for the world around you, including your own kind;
  • cultural function – raising the cultural level of citizens;
  • health and relaxation function – the use of the beneficial effects of natural factors to maintain and restore the physical, mental, mental, emotional state of the body, the development of adaptive capabilities, the restoration of working capacity;
  • sports function – special training in tourist equipment, contributing to the strengthening of general physical fitness, as well as the development of various aspects of physical health.

Socio-economic functions: rational use of free time, ensuring employment of the population, increasing the standard of living of workers is an important factor in the stabilization and development of the economy.

Tourism occupies one of the first places in the world economy. In some countries, it is the main item of national income. According to analysts’ forecasts, in the XXI century tourism will be one of the most promising areas of the world economy in terms of sustainable development rates.