Choosing a cottage base for recreation with children

Kids need impressions. A trip to the bereznyak, to the lake or to the spring is perfect for replenishing the knowledge base and skills of the baby. When studying vacation spots in the Leningrad region, take into account the tips that will allow you to turn a vacation with a child into an absolute pleasure!

Do not go far away to the Leningrad region

Kids don’t respect the hard road. Tedious hours on the plane, tedious shaking in the car, the difference in time zones — it takes out of patience not only the baby, but also his mom and dad. Teach your child to travel slowly, starting from imperceptible distances. Choose tourist centers located near the city.

Plan your diet
If adults can sit on potatoes and pasta for a month, then this option is unacceptable for a child. Before you rent a cottage, find out whether the base provides three meals a day, whether there is an opportunity to warm up store porridge and mashed potatoes.

Remember about having fun with children in the Leningrad region
Plants, birds, animals and river banks give a good scope for the fun of the younger generation. But if a mother and father dream of getting some rest, then they can’t do without a playground, renting scooters or badminton.

The main thing is to get a good night’s sleep
A measured environment is useful for preschoolers, because their cheerful mood directly depends on a restful sleep. Considering a particular cottage, find out if there is a lull in the evenings on the ground.

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