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Where to relax in autumn?

Where to relax in autumn?Autumn is the time of the velvet season and a decrease in the number of tourists in the world’s hottest resorts. The aggressive heat in the south of Europe is receding, and tourists who avoid the rush with vouchers and prefer a modest vacation on the coast or on the old streets of legendary cities are heading to the sunny beaches to the still warm sea.

However, for some resort areas, autumn is also the opening of the tourist seasons. Portal Vipgeo.ru presents a list of the top 5 countries for holidays in autumn 2016.


Spain became the undisputed leader last year in terms of the number of trips sold abroad. Most Russians go to the island resorts – Tenerife and Majorca. The average annual temperature of these resorts is +18 ° C, and autumn, when the sea has not yet had time to cool down, is almost indistinguishable from summer here. In addition, a beach holiday in the Canary Islands can always be supplemented with excursions, for example, to see the ancient pyramids of Guimar.

Many explain the popularity of tours to Germany in the fall with the legendary Oktoberfest – a celebration of beer, Bavarian sausages and theatrical performances in the open air. But not only Munich attracts tens of thousands of Russians every year. The rich cultural life of Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and other iconic German places flourishes in the autumn months. Well, besides that, no one canceled sightseeing tours of museums and ancient streets.

Choosing tours to Greece in the fall means depriving yourself of the height of the Balkan summer, but at the same time saving up to 30% on hotel stays. And in a crisis, this will greatly ease costs. As in previous years, Russians travel from the beach resorts of Greece to the islands – Crete, Rhodes, Corfu. Athens is in the lead from the mainland, thanks to sightseeing tours that do not stop all year round.

And for Thailand, autumn is the end of the rainy season and the first wave of tourist influx. True, the weather will finally cease to present surprises in the form of typhoons and thunderstorms only by mid-October, but this has never stopped our tourists. Of the many destinations, resorts are consistently popular: Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui.

Italy closes the top five. If in the summer the birthplace of Julius Caesar consistently occupied the top lines of the ratings, then, starting in September, even on the streets of Rome, tourists will noticeably decrease. Nevertheless, Venice, Milan, and many other cities in Italy offer hundreds, if not thousands of sightseeing routes and cultural programs.