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Top tourist places of Crimea

Holidays in Crimea since 2014 have been one of the leading directions of domestic tourism, and today many travelers carefully study all offers, especially for sightseeing destinations, before buying a ticket.

Fortunately, there are a huge number of attractions on the peninsula, and most of them can be attributed to the world architectural and cultural heritage.

Let’s consider the top tourist places of the Crimea, a visit to which will diversify your vacation in the Crimea.

Swallow ‘s Nest
Swallow’s Nest, please, one of the brightest symbols of the Crimea – Swallow’s Nest Castle – the very toy palace standing on the very cliff of the mighty Aurora Rock. It is considered that it is located in Yalta, but geographically the Swallow’s nest is located in the village of Gaspra, which is in the suburban area of the main Crimean resort. You should definitely walk along the observation deck of the palace, which offers a view of the sea, and if you wish, buy a ticket and go inside to appreciate the newly created museum exposition.

Tauric Chersonese

Shortly before the foundation of Sevastopol, the ancient Greek polis of Chersonesos was located on the site of the Russian city of military glory. Now only ruins remain of it, reminiscent of its former greatness, but they are also known as a place for the most interesting excursions. It is mandatory to visit the famous Basilica in the Basilica, and other objects of the ancient city. It is worth visiting the Vladimir Cathedral. If there is no desire to buy an excursion, then you can just walk among the ruins and touch the ancient history of the Crimea.

Livadia Palace
One of the key attractions of Yalta and the whole Crimea is, of course, the Livadia Palace. Many people know this place thanks to the Yalta Conference of 1945, and now one of the most visited Crimean museums is located here. The park area of the palace became famous thanks to the Royal (Sunny) trail – a popular hiking route that runs through the entire territory of the reserve to one of the Gaspra sanatoriums. The name of the route was given as a favorite walking place of Nicholas II.

Vorontsov Palace
Vorontsov’s Palace The most visited attraction of Alupka is the Vorontsov Palace, referred to by some observers as the Russian Versailles. Five buildings, 150 rooms and several architectural styles of the facade are what is necessarily mentioned in every review. Currently, several expositions are open inside the palace on a permanent basis, hundreds of authentic works of Russian masters of painting are collected here, separate halls are dedicated to the Vorontsov family and their centuries-old heritage.

Genoese Fortress
It is difficult to imagine a visit to the city of Sudak without visiting the legendary Genoese fortress, built with the money of merchants from Genoa (modern Italy) in the XV century. The once mighty structure consisted of two lines of defense: external (14 towers, three gates) and citadels (4 towers, a castle, a watchtower). 12 towers have been preserved, as well as walls, near which tourist tents are now regularly growing.